How-to Choose The Best Longboard Bushings

Bushings are rubber pieces in longboard trucks. They come in pairs and are made out of the same urethane that wheels are made from. Bushings, a lot like wheels, come in multiple durometers (hardnesses). The bushing is the resistance of the truck pressure. It allows your trucks to either be more maneuverable and easier to turn or they can make your trucks more stable and harder to turn. Longboard bushings can either be choosen by weight or personal preference.

Lighter people generally ride softer bushings. If you want your trucks to turn more, a softer bushing is a way to go. Heavier people generally need harder bushings, likewise when going downhill a harder bushing is more stable and will help to prevent speed wobbles.

Bushing scales range from 80A-99A. Most trucks come with a stock 90A or 88A bushing.

Different Types of Longboard Bushings

Longboard Bushings Longboard Bushing Sizes

Barrel Bushings

The standard bushing. These can are good for just about any style of longboard riding. When combined with a Cone Bushing these may be good for cruising. When combined with another Barrel bushing these bushings are ideal for downhill and freeride.

Cone Bushings

Turny, turn, turn. Need more maneuverability? The cone bushing is your answer. This is the most malleable bushing. It will give you optimal turn and maneuverability.

Eliminator Bushings

Downhill Yay! The ultimate in speed wobble control. The eliminator makes it very challenging to turn and maneuver. It restricts your trucks to extremely tight levels. Although restrictive if you plan to go balls to the wall fast then you need these magical bushings.

Freeride Bushings

A half barrel half eliminator combo bushing. Designed for the avid longboard slider in mind. The Eliminator side is good for fast downhill while the Barrel side is good for slow freeride. A perfect combo bushing.

Tall Barrel Bushing

This is a special bushing that can only be used certain trucks, mainly precision trucks such as Ronin TrucksBasically they are just an extended barrel bushing. Do not get these for all trucks as they will be too large for most.

The 2 Standard Busthings Setup’s:

  • Barrel/Cone Combo: Which is good for cruising, it is very maneuverable an easy to turn.
  • Barrel/Barrel Combo: Is a slightly more stable set up. It allows you to take higher speeds on your deck while worrying less about those speed wobbles.
  • The lower the numbers the softer the bushings is which will be easier to turn and maneuver. The harder bushings will be more restrictive which is better for downhill or a more stable truck. The different colors indicate a certain durometer (hardness), bushings can be mixed and matched. This is something you can constantly play with and fine tune.
  • We challenge you to explore new and exciting bushing options to your hearts content!