How-to Choose The Best Longboard Trucks

What are Longboard Trucks?

They are two cast iron pieces of metal that go on the both ends of the bottom of your deck. Trucks are the turning mechanisms of the skateboard or longboard. They consist of 4 parts total; the two cast irons pieces of metal and two base plates. The base plate is screwed to the deck and the hanger. The hanger has the axels on it and the axels are where the wheels go on the board. The hanger is attached to the baseplate via the king pin and a set of bushings.

There are several styles of trucks but in general they are divided into SKP (Standard King Pin) also known as Skateboard Trucks and RKP (Reverse King Pin) also known as Longboard Trucks. There are several different lengths of trucks which you should match to the width of your skateboard or longboard.

Most skateboards take a 149mm SKP truck size and most longboards take a 180mm RKP truck size.

Check out the nifty diagram below for more details:

 Longboard Truck