Dragon Sunglasses Technology

H20 Floatable Technology

Dragon Alliance has engineered a way for you to stop losing your glasses in the surf; H20 Floatable Tech. Glasses with the H20 label are built with those unfortunate situations in mind, so you can rest assured a pair of new shades won’t be resting at the bottom of the Pacific.

Performance Polar

Dragon’s most advanced and durable polarized lenses and the standard for all Dragon sunglasses. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings are used to protect your lenses from water, moisture, dirt and oils and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Performance Polar lenses come in contrast enhancing lens tints so you can enjoy this technology no matter what lens color you prefer.


Grilamid is an injection molded nylon based thermoplastic material used for making frames. Translation: Extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable frames to rest on your face. Also allows Dragon to create such a wide variety of frame color options

ANSI Z87.1

Dragon sunglasses with this logo are certified to pass the rigorous ANSI Z87.1 testing standard for optics. Meaning these sunglasses are built for high impact action to give your eyes just that much more protection from anything flying about.


Acetate is a material that is cut from large sheets. Acetate sunlglass frames take longer to make as much of the process is done by hand, but it allows for an even wider array of sunglass colors, textures and patterns than is possible with Grilamid. Acetate frames are comfortable to wear with an infinite range of color options. They offer high-end quality, with a bit of flexibility, durability, and best of all are adjustable with applied heat.