G-Form Crash Shorts

G-Form Crash Shorts
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G-Form Pro T Crash Shorts - X Large 1

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With five built-in pads to protect the hips, thighs and tailbone, these shorts will literally save your behind. So throw out those pillows you've been tying to your butt and strap on some G-Form Crash Shorts. This low-profile design reacts in a split-second to keep you fully protected. Guarding against the serious injuries that occur with crash landings and other massive impacts. G-Form Crash Shorts work best when worn under your jeans. That way you can stay protected and still look cool. Stealthy protection. These work best when paired with G-Form Pro X Knee Pads and G-Form Pro X Elbow Pads.

SKU GForm-CS00
Brand G-Form