G-Shock Watch Technology

Solar Tech:

A non-stop solar panel converts even the weakest illumination found with fluorescent lighting into power for your watch. When this solar tech is combined with a high capacity rechargeable battery like is found in G-Shock watches, you never have to worry about the battery draining on you.

Self Adjusting:

Some Gshock watches are capable of self-adjusting their time thanks to the Wave Ceptor Technology. You can pre-program your local timezone, and the watch will automatically update as you travel around the United States.

Next Generation sensor technology:

Some Casio G-Shock watches incorporate industry leading digital sensors to measure direction, temperature and altitude, providing you with the most accurate readings available on your wrist.  For example, The GA-1000 allows aviators to track direction and bearing with the internal digital compass.

G-Shock Durability:

Each and every G-Shock watch is built with durability in mind. The G-Shock structure provides the watch with airy cushion to protect it from drops in any direction. In addition to encasing the watch in rubbery goodness, the mechanics are floating on cushions of urethane to further protect the technology and dampen any vibrations or shocks. The screen and back of the watch are protected with a beveled watch face to ensure they too, are protected.

Additionally, G-Shock watch bands are designed to be comfortable and offer additional shock absorbing protection for the watch itself. Straps utilize a highly specific blend of urethane resin optimized for comfort and protection.

G-Shock watches are also designed with their very own Gravity Defier centrifugal gravity resistance. What the heck is that exactly? It means that G-Shock watches can surpass 15Gs of force, the highest level required for aviation cockpit instruments. That means you’re G-Shock watch will function properly under even the most extreme conditions.


Some G-Shock watches are built with multiband 6 compatibility. This enables them to auto-correct time no matter where in the world you are thanks to a series of six worldwide transmission stations. Step off the plane in Tokyo and from the US and your watch will automatically update.