How-to Clean Your Bearings

Longboards and Rollerblades do not require very much maintenance, but one thing you can do to take care of your longboards is clean the bearings. Bearings are the part of the board that keep the wheels moving. Maintaining the bearings results in a faster smoother ride and a longer more pleasant longboard/skateboard life.

What destroys bearings?

Bearings are allergic to water. Do NOT skate in the rain. The water will rust the bearings and make them cease up so that they do not move. Other things that may slow down or harm your bearings include sand or other small rocks that can get stuck in the bearings. Over time if you do not clean and maintain them the bearings will wear down and cease up as well.

How do I know when to change or clean my bearings?

Your ride will feel a lot slower than it has been in the past. Your wheels will roll a lot slower than before and in some extreme cases not roll at all. In other extreme cases rust may be visible on the bearings which may indicate a time to replace them.

Products needed to clean my bearings:

You will need an acidic solution such as the Sonic Turbo Wash. This will take all the grime dirt and lube out of your bearings. Along with that you will need a graphite based lubricant such as Bones Speed Cream to grease up your bearings. To help wipe off extra dirt use an old towel or t-shirt.

How to Clean Your Bearings Step by Step:

1. Remove your bearings from your wheels.
2. Wipe off excess dirt and grime with an old t-shirt or towel.
3. Place bearings in Sonic Turbo Wash or acidic solution.
4. Let bearings marinate in Sonic Turbo Wash for roughly an hour. 
5. Remove bearings from Sonic Turbo Wash and dry them off with the towel or t-shirt. Make sure not to lose any pieces you should have: 8 bearings, 8 Speed Rings, and 4 bearing spacers

6. Remove shields from the bearings. This can be done by taking a razor blade to the shield and prying it out (see examples below).

Bearing Shield Back of Bearing

7. Place one or two drops of the Bones Speed Cream in every bearing.
8. Push shields back in to bearings.
9. Hold bearing between fingers and spin to disperse the Bones Speed Cream.
10. Return bearings to wheels with the assistance of the truck.
11. Ride your board and have a good time! :D

Which Bearings should I use?

There are several different kinds of bearings that will last varying lengths. To get the best bang for your buck you should go with the Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings.