Landyachtz Mini Monster Hawgs Longboard Wheels - 70mm 80a Trans Green

Landyachtz Mini Monster Hawgs 70mm / 80a Longboard Wheels
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Additional Info

Additional Info


Super Fast and Super Grippy! These wheels fit snuggly on most boards. Their square lip and off set hub give them lots of give and lots of grip. What that means is that this wheel will give you a soft, comfortable ride while providing you with a great deal of traction. Enough traction to keep the board under your feet while railing corners at high speeds. The Mini Monster Hawgs are ideal for cruising or downhill skateboarding.

SKU HMM70Grn-14-80a
Brand Landyachtz
Wheel Diameter 70mm
Wheel Durometer 80a
Wheel Hub Off Set
Edge Square Lip
Wheel Color Green
Ride Freeride and Sliding