What is Core Placement?

How does it change my set-up?

What are the different types of Core Placement:

Side Set - Side set wheels have a core placement that is flushed to one side of the wheel. Generally hugging the inside of the wheel. These wheels have a lot of extra urethane on the side without the core making them feel softer than most wheels. They will also have a little more grip than most wheels. A prime example of side set wheels would be the Abec 11 Flashbacks.

Off Set - The most common sore placement. The core of the wheel, so where the bearing sits, is slightly off set from the center. This can be in either direction inward of outward (usually inward). These wheels will feel a bit softer than the center set wheels as they have more urethane to squish. As these wheels start to wear down you will need to rotate them around the board in an X formation to keep them wearing down more evenly.

Center Set - Center Set wheels have a core that is perfectly in the center of the wheel. These wheels will be the longest lasting out of any of the core placements. The majority of these wheels are sliding wheels. The center set core allows you to flip the wheels inside out once they begin to wear down. This provides for a longer wheel life and a more even wear pattern.

Longboard Wheel Core Placement