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These Boosted Boards for sale are truly the gold standard of the electric skateboards! The guys at Boosted took the very best longboard components out there; the Loaded Vanguard longboard deck, the Orangatang Kegel longboard wheels, and their own longboard truck design. They took these components and paired them up with the best Lithium Ion battery technology and electric drivetrain on the market. The powerful motors and flexible deck turn that boring commute into a powdery mountain adventure. The six month warranty will give you powerful piece of mind that this magic ride is one built to last.

The Boosted Board 2nd Generation Electric Powered Longboard Complete is the leader in electric longboards. They partnered with Loaded Longboards to give you one of the best cruising / commuting decks on the market, the Loaded Vanguard. These decks have lots of flex and comfort. Luckily, the vertical laminant construction also makes the Boosted electric boards extremely durable and supports a rider up to 350 lbs. Boosted also teamed up with Orangatang wheels for some of the biggest wheels on the market, the Orangatang 80mm Kegel Wheels in 80A which are extremely large and soft. Put some of these bad boys on our Boosted Boards for sale and you'll roll over most obstacles, cracks, or bumps that come your way. Finally, Boosted made their own Trucks that are optimal for cruising and commuting. Providing you all the stability you need when going 22mph while being maneuverable enough to cruise through the streets. All Boosted electric longboards for sale come with the standard battery pack with an option to upgrade to an extended battery pack for an additional $100. All electronics are now waterproof and the Boosted longboards have more advanced connectivity. With the included fast charger, each 10 minutes of charge equates to about a mile of range on both the standard and extended batteries. Shop our Boosted boards for sale today!

Top Speed: Single: 18 mph, Dual: 20 mph, Dual+: 22 mph Average Range (Battery Life): Standard Battery - Single: 8mi, Dual: 7mi, Dual+: 7mi Extended Battery - Single: 14mi, Dual: 12mi, Dual+: 12mi Max Power: Single: 1000W, Dual: 1500W, Dual+: 2000W Uphill Climb: Single: 10% Grade, Dual: 20% Grade, Dual+: 25% Grade Board Weight: Single13.4 lbs - 14.2 lbs, Dual 14.7 lbs - 15.5 lbs, Dual+ 14.7 lbs - 15.5 lbs

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