Boosted Board 2nd Generation Dual+

Boosted Board 2nd Generation Dual+ Plus Complete
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Additional Info


Boosted Board 2nd Generation Dual+ Longboard

NOTE: The Extended Battery will be available in 2018

Carry Anywhere. Go Everywhere.

Boosted Board 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Powered Longboard Complete. Boosted is the leader in electric motorized longboards. They partnered with Loaded Longboards to give you one of the best cruising / commuting decks on the market, the Loaded Vanguard. Featuring the Loaded Vanguard deck, this electric powered longboard has lots of flex and comfort. Luckily, the vertical laminant construction also makes the motorized longboard extremely durable and allows to fit a rider of up to 350lbs. Boosted also teamed up with Orangatang wheels for some of the biggest wheels on the market, the Orangatang 80mm Kegel Wheels in 80A. These wheels are large and extremely soft, which makes them perfect for cruising over most obstacles, cracks, or bumps that your electric powered longboard may face. Finally, Boosted make their own Trucks that are optimal for cruising and providing you all the stability you need when going 22mph. Step onto these motorized longboards and experience easy maneuvering through the streets! All Boosted boards come with the standard battery pack, with an option to upgrade to an extended battery pack for an extra $100. All electronics are now waterproof and the board has more advanced connectivity. With the included Fast Charger, each 10 minutes of charge equates to about a mile of range on both the standard and extended batteries.

The Boosted Board 2nd Generation Dual+ is the most powerful dual motor, two wheel drive electric longboard available. These motorized longboards are ideal for any rider in any situation. It climbs most any city hill and can get you where you need to be in the quickest, most efficient, most fun way possible. With the additional power of the Dual+ over the Dual you will gain increased acceleration and increased braking power. This is the perfect cruising / commuting board. Great for all riders of any age or skill range. Smiles and good times are sure to be had with the boosted experience. 

SKU Boosted-2nd-DualPlus-Comp
Brand Boosted
Tech Specs

Top Speed: 22mph

Average Range:

  • Standard Battery - 7 mi
  • Extended Battery - 12 mi

Max Power: 2000W
Uphill Climb: 25% Grade
Board Weight: 14.7 lbs - 15.5 lbs

Griptape Deck Comes Gripped
Length 38"
Width 7.5"
Truck Mount Top Mount Boards
Construction Epoxy and triaxial fiberglass sandwich a vertically-laminated bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers for liveliness, responsiveness and high energy potential.