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Freebords, the snowboard simulating skateboard. These snowboard longboards are extremely unique. They function to be the closest possible experience of snowboarding on the asphalt. Perfect for the off season. Freebord longboards have bindings on top to keep your feet locked it. These are open bindings so if you fall or don't feel comfortable you can jump right out of them. The freebord longboard has six wheels rather than the classic four for skateboards. The two center wheels spin three hundred sixty degrees around while the other 4 wheels are regular wheels that function as the boards edges. The center wheels sit out further than the outer wheels. That means you are always on the center wheels and you need to switch your weight from one side to the other or from edge to edge. This effectively makes the carving experience nearly identical to a snowboard. It also creates all the same dangers of the snowboard, so skate within your limits. The center wheels can be adjusted for more maneuverability or stability. You can control your speed on the freebord longboard by the size of your carves. Long wide carves will give you a slower ride while tight narrow carves give you maximum speed. With the Freebord you can bring your ride to a complete stop a lot like a snowboard. Just put all your weight up hill and the snowbaord long board will slide to a stop. The harder you lean the quicker you stop. If your area has an abundance of hills then a Freebord longboard would be an excellent choice for a good time when the snow isn't hitting. Freebords come in multiple different sizes. The size of the snowboard longboard is based on your natural stance. A wider board will give you a wider stance while a shorter board gives you a narrow stance. It is important to get a board that fits your stance to give you maximum control in the bindings. The bindings are adjustable to fit your specific stance and foot height. With this snowboard longboard it is possible to do all the same stuff that you would do on snow if not even more. When the snow and hitting the asphalt is ready for ripping.

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