Arbor Complete Longboards

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Arbor Longboards are all about creating a piece of wood that makes you smile. Arbor longboard decks have styles that are good for cruising, downhill, and freeride. You can’t go wrong! Some of the best pieces of wood to stick under your feet include the Arbor Axis 40, Arbor Vugenhausen, or Arbor Backlash

 For cruising or commuting a board such as the Arbor Axis would be a good bet. The Axis is a drop through, flexy deck. This sits the rider low to the ground adding stability, but the flex of the deck makes it so much easier to cruise over rough pavement. The flex gives you an added comfort. It can also help while pumping. Mellow concave for comfort while standing and pushing. 

For freeride/sliding a board such as the Liam Morgan pro model or the James Kelly pro model would be good options. These boards are directional top mount boards with lots of concave, lots of rocker, and lots of good times. The perfect board for high speed sliding. Easy to control and a near perfect ride. Liam Morgan is a professional downhill longboarder known for his style of bombing the biggest, fastest hill and doing the longest possible stand up slide. He has hit sliding distances of over 100 ft. James Kelly is one of the fastest guys on a longboard. He has been one of the top guys in the world as far as downhill speed is concerned and this pro model board is his go to ride for all of those high speed runs.

For downhill stick with the low, long, stiff boards like the Cypher or its top mount counterpart the Vugenhausen. These boards are similar to the freeride boards in the way that they have aggressive concave and are extremely stable, but these are designed with top speed in mind. The optimal downhill boards regardless of speed. The Cypher is a drop though board that sits you low to the ground for added stability. Couple that with a low angle 44 degree truck and your ride will be tip top. The Vugenhausen is a bi-directional freeride board that works great as a downhill board. Nice concave with a mellow rocker to keep you locked in. The James Kelly Pro model board would also be a good downhill option.

For tricks or longboard / skateboard hybrid boards the Arbor Shakedown would be a great option. This is the perfect do everything board. A board that can rip the park and thrash the hills. 

Finally for the younger riders a mini cruiser might be the best way to go. A board like the Pocket Rocket would be a great entry level board.

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