Black Diamond Sports Longboards

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Mini Cruisers they call them. Boards like the Penny Skateboards and others fall into this category. The BDS mini cruiser boards for sale are at the top of the list for most optimal, easiest to use, best functioning mini cruiser boards on the market. The deck itself has nice kick tails to make it easy for skateboard style tricks. It also has a mellow concave for added control and added comfort in your ride. The components that come on our mini cruiser longboards are top notch and come with Paris 149 street trucks. These trucks are extremely durable and maneuverable. These cruiser boards for sale have 63mm Black Diamond wheels which are soft for comfort and control. Their size makes them great to roll over most obstacles. The Black Diamond wheels have nice lips to add grip and control to your ride. Finally, they have Mini Logo bearings which, although they are not the best, are extremely good for their low price point. A high quality mini cruiser / hybrid board for the entire family to enjoy. Grade A quality for the youngsters who are just getting into boarding, but versatile enough to allow an adult to ride them as well. The BDS Cruiser boards are great for the adult looking to get a more maneuverable and portable ride. Our mini cruiser longboards are perfect for short distance commuting or campus cruising and will zip you where you need to go in a fun and efficient manner. For the younger guys and gals this is a great way to start as it is right between skateboards and longboards. From this board they can branch off in either direction based on what style of riding they prefer. It also gives the kids the best opportunity to learn and grow with a board. This will make it easier for kids to ride and will encourage growth rather than discourage them from riding in general. Browse our cruiser boards for sale and purchase mini cruiser longboards for the whole family!

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