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Bonzing, Skateboarding down large hills with style and grace. San Francisco local company, California Bonzing Company, was created by skaters for skaters and is all about creativity, expression, and style. Most known for the California Bonzing Company OSO Longboard this company has all of its shapes and graphics designed and created by its team riders. California Bonzing Longboards is headed by Austin Graziano and holds itself to a standard that is to only use the highest quality materials to produce the highest quality products. Get a little taste of NorCal and let your feet experience the sweet sweet San Francisco sensation that is California Bonzing Company. The Bonzing crew is a fantastic group of individuals that love to skate, create, and have a good time. Their entire philosophy revolves around the skate everything lifestyle. A lifestyle that promotes creativity and enforces the fact that skateboarding has no rules or boundaries. There are no limits to skateboarding and as long as you keep expressing yourself through riding you will never be let down. The Bonzing guys and gals also happen to be incredible artists. All of the art work on the decks is designed by team riders. The boards are also designed, tested, and perfected by team riders. These guys are the most down to earth, happy go lucky guys and gals you will ever meet and it shows through their boards. The OSO especially being one of the most versatile boards on the market. The OSO is a drop through symmetrical longboard with lots of concave for control and comfort. The drop through gives you a low center of gravity to add stability. It has small wheel flares to allow for larger wheels, creating more speed, comfort, and control. A great board for any style of riding whether it be downhill, cruising, or sliding.

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