Carver Complete Skateboards

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The company that brings the term Sidewalk Surfing to life. With their patented Carver C7 Truck you get the same hard turns that you would on your surfboard. Our Carver Skateboards for sale are designed to feel just like surfing the concrete. They have a ridiculously sharp turning radius and kick tails so you can still do all of your skate tricks. Their soft wheels grip the ground very well so your board won’t slide out from underneath you when you take a sharp turn. With Carver Longboards, if you do it right, you can pump the board just by shifting your weight from one side to the other. Pumping your Carver longboards like a surfboard will propel the board forward without the assistance of pushing. This sensation is very similar to pumping down the line on your surfboard. So if you need a board to help you stay in shape when the swells aren’t hitting, or you just like very maneuverable boards, then Carver Longboards might be for you. The perfect Surf Skate board. Carver is the closest feeling you can get to surfing on dry land. Luckily there is more good concrete in the world than there are surf breaks, so you will have no trouble finding a wave that's constantly breaking. The C7 Trucks are the ones that make your ride feel like surfing. They have an insanely small turning radius, crazy cut backs, and a great rebound creating an extremely responsive board. The C7's give you a large range of motion not limiting your speed and allowing you to take on any obstacle, even the largest of hills, if necessary. Our Carver skateboards for sale are Surf Skate board staples that provide you with all of your surfing needs when the waves aren't hitting, or for the most fun ride down to the shore.

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