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Known for kick starting the careers of several professional downhill Longboarders. This is Comet Longboards. A company that makes quality boards you can count on. Comet boards have a solid construction. Their primary boards are ideal for downhill or freeride (sliding). Some of their best models include the Comet Ethos, the Comet Voodoo Series, and the Comet Morgan Series. Comet has made popular the Northern California top mount freeride style boards. Boards that are one directional with lots of concave and lots of rocket to keep you in control at high speeds and while sliding. These boards are ideal for the rider looking to hold out the longest stand up slide. Comet was the company to foster young professional longboarder Liam Morgan who is known for sliding his longboard down extremely steep hills for over 100ft and riding away without injury. 

Comet skateboards likes to make solid, sturdy, and stable boards. They primarily use several sheets of maple sandwiched together for added durability and control. Comet loves to use rocker in their boards. Rocker concave is when the board curves down towards the ground from tip to tail. A good number of the boards use flush mount to eliminate the truck angle change that happens with such aggressive rocker concave. Flush mounting puts the trucks on a level surfave on the board rather than adding it to the curvature of the board effectively changing how your trucks ride and making them less stable. The flush mounting puts the wheels closer to the deck however, so to maintain optimal wheel clearance they use wheel wells. Wheel wells are parts of the board where you are most likely to get wheel bite are shaved down to reduce the likelihood of wheel bite.

Comet has boards for all styles of riding. Boards for cruising, boards for downhill, boards for carving, and boards for tricks. They have decks with kicktails to make it easy to do tricks whenever. They also have skateboard shaped longboards for the perfect do it all board. Thrash the hills and the park on the same day with the same piece of wood. Anything and everything you might need is easy to find with a Comet Longboard. 

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