DB Complete Longboards

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DB Longboards is a rider owned and operated longboard company residing in Washington State. The extensive network of winding paved roads that navigate the rugged and mountainous topography of the Pacific Northwest has been the inspiration that drives the riders and board technicians at DB. DB offers some of the most innovative and distinctive longboards around. Some of these boards include the DB Lunch Tray or the DB Robot. Boards like the Lunch Tray are great freeride boards. They have large amounts of concave, keeping your feet stuck to the board no matter the speed. They also have wheel flares creating 3D concave and extra pockets to lock your feet into when sliding. Again increasing control and stability. DB makes some of the most innovative boards on the market. A great example would be their skate everything board, the DB Keystone. The Keystone is made for all styles of riding. It has a nice kick tail for ollies or ridding off of curbs. The tip and tail of the board has a small amount of urethane to protect it from damage and to ensure for a longer life of the board. It has a micro drop sitting you lower to the ground for added stability. The micro drop also creates added pockets to lock your feet in for slides. A great board for literally everything from cruising to downhill to sliding to freestyle tricks. All of these features are sandwiched into the best construction you could ask for. Some of their other boards like the DB Robot are asymmetrical long ways, dialing them in for downhill and top notch control. This along with several others are some of the innovative boards that DB creates. They have always been a leader in downhill longboarding, pushing the community and the industry into new and exciting directions.

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