Earthwing Complete Longboards

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Earthwing Longboards made their first board in 1998. Ever since they have been steadily at it and continue to make new designs and shapes. Earthwing skateboards have a large selection of cruiser and downhill boards to fit your needs. Whether you can’t get enough speed bombing on their Earthwing Supermodel Longboard or you just like thrashing up the streets on their Earthwing Superglider Longboard. Earthwing Longboards have boards for every type of riding and rider, whatever your going downhill, cruising, or sliding Earthwing Longboards have got you covered. Primarily Earthwing likes to promote the Push Culture movement. A movement that embraces longboarding and skateboarding as a dominant form of transportation. The Push Culture promotes that everybody no matter age, race, religion, ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, etc is able to ride a board and should ride a board. Earthwing has been a big advocate for this movement for a long time now. They make top shelf cruising boards for that specific purpose. Get from point A to point B in the most fun, efficient, and exciting way possible. Luckily riding a longboard is extremely easy so with the Earthwing boards you will be off and riding proficiently in a matter of minutes. A board like the Superglider is a great example of the Push Culture lifestyle. The Superglider has a small amount of flex for added comfort when cruising. It has a large kick tail for tricks or riding off of curbs. It also has mellow concave for comfort and to keep those feet stuck to the board at high speeds. a perfect city slasher, do it all, skate everything kinda board. Earthwing also has a fantastic line of downhill boards for those who are more inclined to the Push once and go super fast Culture. Promote the Push Culture and the Push vibes with a shiny new Earthwing Longboard.

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