Five Mile Complete Longboards

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More curves than a supermodel. Five Mile Longboards make boards for every style of downhill rider. Five Mile skateboards pride themselves on creating strong, durable downhill speed demons. Excellent boards for high speed bombing or freeride sliding. Most Five Mile Longboards have super aggressive concave for added stability and to keep your feet locked into the board at high speeds. The aggressive concave helps for freeriding, because it gives you more controll of the board when forcing it sideways. A lot fo their boards, like the Five Mile War Horse, Five Mile A6 Intruder Longboard, and many more have a multi concave shape to optimize stability and control for downhill. The Five Mile philosophy is their board design revolves around providing you, the rider, all the curves you need to get the leverage where you need it, when you need it. Five Mile skateboards have the most unique look and feel you could get with a longboard and that is what sets them apart. Each of our Five Mile Longboards has a large amount of unique and deep concave so they are sure not to disappoint.

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