Freebord Complete Longboards

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What Are Freebords?

Freebords allow you to turn any hill or street into a snowboard run. Unlike a skateboard, the Freebord is fit with six wheels. The center wheels act as the base of a snowboard creating a "rocker". This rocker is what allows riders to slide laterally like a snowboard but different from a longboard. The outside edge wheels allow you to carve turns and control slides like a snowboard. The center wheels spin 360 degrees allowing the rider to slide around while the outer wheels act as the edge to the boards. For optimal riding it is best to switch from edge to edge. The faster you transition between the two the faster you'll be able to go. The Freebords are the closest ride to snowboarding on dry land. The Freebords have bindings on top to keep your feet planted to the board. The bindings are open on the inside so if you need to bail you can jump out of them. The motions are almost 100% identical to a snowboard. To stop you simply lean back and slide to a stop; 360 spins are as easy as turning your body around; and so much more. Freebord comes from a city littered in hills, San Francisco, but don't let that discourage you. They are great to ride anywhere in the world. As long as there is some hill in your neighborhood you will be fine. Whether it's a Blue Square or a Black Diamond you'll be thrashing the concrete just as hard as you would be thrashing fresh powder.

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