Holesom Complete Longboards

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Not only do they make the slide pucks that smell oh so good but they also make some pretty killer longboard decks. Holesom Longboards are on the forefront of longboard construction and design. They make some of the most versatile boards on the market. Most of their boards can be used for all styles of skating. Holesom boards use a layer of hemp in their decks to make them more durable. Long life, big smiles, and small foot prints is what Holesom Longboards are all about. Some of their boards are specifically designed for the avid downhill freerider. With such great sliding boards as the Holesom Saturday Night Special DH Longboard and the Holesom Stardust Longboard. These boards have a ton of concave which provides comfort and leverage for your feet. Holesom likes the keep it simple for their graphics and give you nothing but that wood grain finish. This stripped down graphic exposes the underbelly of the board to show you the true craftsmanship that went in to making this piece of art. A board like the Holesom Saturday Night Special is a symmetrical downhill board that's great for sliding. It has lots of concave to keep you stuck to the board when kicking it sideways at high speed. Its symmetrical shape makes it easy to ride backwards after a 180 slide. The short wheelbase makes the board extremely maneuverable, which is great for cruising, also makes it easier to slide. The Holesom Stardust is a similar board with a slightly longer wheel base and a directional shape (designated front and back). All in all Holesome make boards for any style of riding, but they are especially good at making boards for downhill sliding. Holesom Longboards speak for themselves. Their ride is unmatched and their construction incomparable. Keep it Holesom, homes.

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