Landyachtz Complete Longboards

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A company that has redefined the way we look at downhill skateboarding. Landyachtz Longboards designs quality boards out of good old Canadian Maple. Landyachtz boards are durable enough to withstand speed wobbles and rider abuse. Some of the best Landyachtz Boards include the Landyachtz Wolf Shark, Landyachtz Drop Speed, Landyachtz Canyon-Arrow, and the Landyachtz Osteon. They have top notch freeride boards. Boards with aggressive concave to keep your feet stuck to the deck when you're drifting sideways. Landyachtz also has double kick boards for the all around rider that wants to thrash the hills and the park. The best board for that situation would be the Landyachtz Loco. If downhill bombing at 40+ mph is your aim then the dropped, super stiff landyachtz boards are your best bet. The lower you sit to the ground the more stable your ride becomes. Landyachtz make some of the best downhill longboards on the market.

Landyachtz gained its popularity in the downhill world by creating boards that almost entirely eliminate speed wobbles. Speed wobbles are the sensation of you board shaking uncontrollably under your feet when you hit high speeds. This uncontrollable shaking is super bad as it will throw most riders clear of their boards regardless of skill level. Landyachtz designed drop deck boards that so low to the ground that speed wobbles become an issue of the past. Boards like the Evo, R5, Grom Race, Time Machine, and so many more are the perfect example of such technology. 

If downhill bombing is not your aim, no need to fret, Landyachtz also makes great boards for cruising, commuting, freeriding, sliding, and everything in between. Boards like the Battle Axe or the Drop Carve are some of their fantastic cruising boards. They have mellow flex but an extremely durable build so they are sure to last you a long time. If you are looking for a deck to thrash the park and the hills then you should snag a Landyachtz Loco, El Barbaro, Invader, Trooper, Peacemaker, or any of the great kick tail boards Landyachtz makes.

Landyachtz is a great go to company for any and all board options. They literally have something for the whole family. You just can't go wrong with that good ol' Canadian Maple.

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