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Lifelong Longboards was forged out of the ideas and ingenuity's of Victor Burgett, a piano makers son. With his new ideas on board construction Victor Burgett set out to make the most durable longboards to date. Lifelong Longboards give you excellent board construction and progressive shapes. We have complete longboards for sale like the Lifelong Seeker Longboard and the Lifelong Specter Longboard that have been pushing and progressing longboard shapes and construction since ’09. From Pianos to Ply's.

Lifelong redefined the symmetrical top mount board with the Seeker. This board had it all. It had aggressive concave, W concave, wheel flares, kick tails, flush mount and more. This is a board that inspired several other companies to jump on the symmetrical top mount train and make their own version of the Seeker. The Seeker however stood out above the rest because of its great functionality and exceptional construction. Anyone could tell this was a board built to last.

Lifelong wound up tackling and creating their own version of the directional top mount board that seems to be so popular especially here in Northern California. This is the shape and style that a large number of professional longboarders prefer to use. The Lifelong Specter is their love child for the NorCal style rider. Extremely stable and strong construction. This board is ideal for high speed bombing and sliding. Sharp edges and aggressive concave make the board easier to control and easier to kick out. The concave keeps your feet locked down to the deck no matter what speed you hit.

Lifelong is built for longevity so that your boards will last your entire life long. These boards have top notch construction and design to give you the best opportunity and ride you could ask for.

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