Loaded Complete Longboards

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Some of the most durable, most sturdy boards on the market are the Loaded Longboards. Loaded uses a bamboo and carbon fiber mix to construct boards that are stronger than the Incredible Hulk himself. Loaded longboards are known for their flexible cruiser boards like the Loaded Dervish Sama, Loaded Tan Tien, Loaded Vanguard; however, they also make fantastic downhill boards like the Loaded Tesseract and fantastic hybrid boards like the Loaded Overland.

The most popular Loaded Boards are the Loaded Dervish Sama, the Loaded Tan Tien, and the Loaded Icarus. These Loaded longboards for sale are drop through boards sitting them lower to the ground for added stability. The drop through makes it easier to balance on the board, easier to push, and more comfortable for long distance skating. These 3 boards along with most of Loaded's other boards are extremely flexible. These decks have a mellow camber to level out the flex of the deck. Camber is when the deck curves upwards from tip to tail. All of the flexible loaded longboards for sale come in multiple flex ratings ranging from super soft to stiff and stable. The higher the number on the flex rating the more flexy the board and the more comfortable your ride will be, but the stiffer or less flexible boards will be more stable for downhill skateboarding.

We have a vast selection of Loaded longboards for sale to fit any riders needs. A favorite amongst our Loaded longboards for sale is the top knotch downhill longboard, the Tesseract. The Tesseract collection have mellow kick tails to help with poping off curbs, small ollies, or blunt slides. They also have a mellow W Concave (also known as pleasure dome). W Concave orients your feet to the board. It makes standing on the board so much more comfortable and it allows you to know where your feet are at all times without needing to look down and make sure. Although that does not seem like much it is a huge help at high speeds when every second counts and you do not want to accidentally step off the side or front of your board. The Tesseract Series also have wheel flares and 3D Concave to create new pockets to lock your feet in for slides, giving you more control.

If you are looking for a board to do everything from slamming in the skatepark to surfing the streets to bombing down hills then their kick tail hybrid boards might be the best option for you. Loaded longboards for sale like the Overland or Kanthaka would be a great option for the skate everything kind of rider. The Poke also falls under this category, but it is not as stable as the Overland or Kanthaka.

Loaded Longboards has some fo the best boards you could stick you feet on and it is easily apparent the second you step on them. Loaded are great boards for beginners as they are excellent boards to grow with, especially the Loaded Dervish Sama, the Loaded Tan Tien, the Loaded Icarus, the Loaded Fattail, and more. These Loaded longboards for sale are also great for the more experienced riders.

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