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Longboard Larry Longboards are handmade in Oregon. LBL longboards are laminated, using the best adhesives and pressed to have either concave, camber or both. They have boards for every purpose, like the LBL Manatee Sea Cow Longbaord, LBL Manatee Sea Calf Longbaord, and the LBL Chupacabra Longboard for downhill. Longboard Larry Longboards make the highest quality hand-made boards that look as good as they ride.

Longboard Larry complete boards are all hand made and built to order. These complete boards have the immense attention and care that any hand crafter puts into his or her work. The boards are shapped, shaved, and finished all by hand; a lot like surfboard construction for longboards. LBL longboards can accomodate all riders and all styles. Everything ranging from downhill to freeride to cruising to sliding to tricks and more.

The Manatee Searies is the perfect downhill freeride board. These complete boards are top mount directional boards a lot like the ones populariesed by the professional Northern California riders in the industry. Built to last and built to go fast. This searies has aggressive concave to keep you stuck to your deck no matter what speed you choose to travel at. That concave also gives you more control over your ride and provides for a more comfortable ride over longer distances.

LBL longboards, like the Dancer, are great for cruising. It is on the longer side to give you more stability, but it has a large surface to make it easier to walk up and down the board doing freestyle tricks like dancing. This board also has a small amount of flex. The flex provides for a more comfortable ride especially over rough pavement.

For downhill a board that sits low to the ground will give you the most stability. A board like the Chupacabra is a great example of this. A drop to add stability and a kick tail to add fun.

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