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Omen Longboards is a company of skaters that build boards for skaters. Omen boards produce high-quality decks that push the limits of wood construction with insane concave, shapes and classy graphics. Some of their most notable deck's include the Omen Sugar Longboard and the Omen Spawn Longboard. Omen Longboards knows what it takes to make killer designs for downhill skateboarding and freeriding. All of the boards are tested and perfected by professional downhill longboarders. They have immensely sturdy construction to stand up to the hardest of beatings. All of the boards have wheel wells to increase wheel clearance and to add pockets to the top of the board allowing you to lock your feet in for more controlled slides and turns. These boards have hard edges and aggressive concave to keep your feet locked down giving you max control no matter the speed of travel. Omen doesn't like to mess around. They design boards to take a beating and go as fast as possible. If downhill is your aim then Omen is the way to go. 

The Omen Spawn is a perfect example of the kind of boards that Omen releases. This board is a directional top mount board with a micro drop and flush mounting. All of the best parts of a freeride board. Most of the Omen boards are exceptional examples of what would be considered a freeride board. These boards are still easily used for cruising, but their primary purpose is to bomb down hills and drift you board sideways. 

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