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The Penny Skateboards maintain the classic 60’s banana board style. That means they are great longboards for cruising and easy transport. Our Penny skateboards come in two sizes, the classic 22" Penny boards for sale are the ideal small cruiser for short distances or younger kids. The slightly larger 27" Penny Nickel is slightly more stable making it better for longer distance cruises. Browse our Penny boards for sale and buy one online today!

By now Penny has become a household name. Everyone and their mother have heard of Penny Skateboards. This Australian company has brought back the retro 1960's style boards that once ran the industry. Super small and molded from plastic. Penny maintains the classic style, with a few modern upgrades and colors. These boards are small and compact granting you maximum maneuverability with a board that is extremely portable. The have soft wheels fro added comfort and grip of the road. The soft wheels roll over more obstacles and give you a smoother ride. If you want something just a tad bit more stable the Penny Nickel is a slightly longer version of the classic Penny. This 27" inch board allows you to travel quicker and for further distances. It has similar trucks and wheels, just a longer, more stable deck. For the older kids or grown ups we would recommend going with a Penny Nickel for stability.

Since Penny has become so popular they have made a large array of color options. So many in fact that you could have a Penny to match any outfit. Everything from black to pastel to american flag. Snag yourself your favorite color and get riding on your brand new Penny Skateboard.

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