Potaito Longboards

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Potaito Boards. Homegrown, Organic, Longboards. The spuds are ripe and it's time to pluck some Potaito Boards. This local company crafting wood longboards is one of the finest up and comers around. All the way from Los Altos, California. Locally run and opperated by creater and shaper, Tait. He carefully shapes, presses, molds, and cuts all of his fine pieces of eco-friendly skateboards by hand. Each of these wood longboards are made to order and takes no longer than waiting on a basket of fries. Potatoes are an essential part of life and so are Potaito Boards.

The Baked is a Potaito board on the longer side. These are great eco-friendly skateboards for long distance cruising or downhill skateboarding. It's length add stability, making it ideal for faster speeds or longer rides. Its directional shape gives you the control you need no matter the ride.

The Taiter is a do it all board. These eco-friendly skateboards have a small kick tail to make it easy to ride off of curbs or kick turn for fast maneuvers. It also has large foot platforms to lock your feet in for added control and stability. It's short wheelbase makes it ideal for freeride sliding. No matter all the bling, if you get down to the nitty gritty the Taiter boards are good ole fashioned cruising wood longboards. Made to enjoy sunshine and summer days.

Finally there is the Wedge. The Wedge Potaito Boards are hybrids between traditional longboards and eco-friendly skateboards. Also known as a cruiser board. It is on the shorter side making it more maneuverable and easier to turn. The large kick tail allows you to pop ollies and other arial maneuvers. This is the perfect city shredder. They're great wood longboards for cruising short distance to the store and back. It's quick, it's agile, and it's Potaito.

All Potaito boards come stocked with Randal 50 degree 180mm Trucks, 3DM Wheels, and Tekton Bearings.

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