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Complete Prism Longboards. Prism makes longboards for every style of riding. At our longboard shop online, we carry their boards for cruising, to downhill, to freeride/sliding, to skateparks, and more. They are most known for their downhill longboards like the Theory, Origin, and Insight. These boards are designed and perfected by professional downhill longboarders. They are built strong and stable to handle high speeds, but each one of them has a feature that allows them to be versatile enough to take on sliding at any speed. Along with all the great downhill boards Prism makes fantastic cruising boards. They have boards of all lengths for different cruising styles. Whether you need to go long distance and jam around town or you want to hit the streets and the park, these cruising boards have got you covered. Each Prism longboard comes in two graphic options, the resin collection and the artist collection. The smaller cruisers or mini cruisers as they are sometimes called are the perfect board for beginners. These mini cruisers are basically hybrids between skateboards and longboards giving you the best of both worlds. A small, compact shape to increase maneuverability and control with big soft wheels adding comfort and ease of travel. These would be a great option if you're stuck between a skateboard and a longboard or if you just want to learn the basics and then branch of in either direction from there. The mini cruiser are also a great way for the younger and lighter kids to get into skateboarding/longboarding. For the adult cruisers, longer cruiser Prism longboards would be a great way to start, or for the more adventurous group the downhill boards would be a great selection. Prism Skateboards are forged by the same dudes that make Caliber Trucks and Blood Orange out in Santa Cruz, California. A rider approved and designed company to get you the best quality boards and parts you could ask for. Browse our longboard shop online today!

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