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Rayne Longboards design boards for speed, sliding, and sturdiness. Their aggressive concave will keep you stuck to your deck no matter what the speed. Rayne boards is known for producing world class Downhill Longboarders. Most of which used some of these boards: The Rayne P Swiss Switzer Fortune, Rayne Amazon, and the Rayne K. Rimes Kill Switch

Rayne Longboards have been a leader in downhill longboarding for a very long time now. They have perfected their shapes and fine tuned them for high speed fun and shenanigans. Rayne is known for their sharp edge decks. If you're not used to something like this it can take a while to get comfortable with the harsh edges, but once you get a hold of them they are extremely helpful. Rayne likes to use very deep, aggressive concave to keep your feet stuck to the board no matter how fast you chose to go. The deep concave coupled with the sharp edges gives you maximum control and stability for downhill longboarding.

Rayne has longboards that have been used to set world speed records. The Rayne Amazon is a prime example of a fast and stable downhill board. It is drop through mounting and a micro drop deck sitting the rider very low to the ground. This lowered center of gravity adds stability. It also makes it easier to push and easier to balance on your board. The Amazon has wheel cut outs and wheel flares to fit large wheels for a faster, smoother ride. It has sharp edges and large pockets to lock your feet in for added control during sliding.

Rayne has board for all types of riding including cruising boards like the Hellcat and Vendetta. They have freeride boards like the Killswitch and the Supreme. And several options for downhill boards.

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