Santa Cruz Longboard Completes

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Santa Cruz Skateboards have been around since 1973 and have never ceased to deliver some fantastic pieces of wood. Santa Cruz boards keep their skateboard and longboard game strong as they have fantastic Trick Skateboards to give you the best pop and the most durable board! Santa Cruz also has fantastic Cruiser longboards to give you fun and smooth rides around town.

Santa Cruz Skateboards coming all the way from Santa Cruz, California are some of the most well known boards on the market. Santa Cruz is most known for their skateboards and legendary skateboard team. Their boards have mellow concave, giving you more control and comfort. The boards also have a large amount of pop, making it easier to ollie or hit other aerial maneuvers. The decks come in multiple widths to lock in your ride. Narrow boards for younger dudes or for easier flip tricks and a more maneuverable, lighter board. The wider boards offer more stability and are great for the pools and bowls.

Along with regular skateboards Santa Cruz makes an array of cruiser boards and longboards. They have mini cruisers like the Landshark that are great for short distance commutes or for just jamming around town. Small stature like a skateboard to make it easy to turn and maneuver, but big soft wheels like a longboard to provide for a more comfortable, smoother ride. Santa Cruz longboards are the ideal beach cruiser. These boards are perfect for jamming down to the sand before you go and hit the big waves. 

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