Sector 9 Longboard Completes

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Sector 9 Longboards. Easily the most recognizable name on the Longboard market. Sector 9 is known for providing good quality fun at an affordable price. Sector 9 boards range from cruiser/commuter styles all the way up to aggressive downhill styles. Some of their cruiser boards include the Sector 9 Lookout Longboard and the Sector 9 Shoots Longboard. They also make excellent downhill boards like the Sector 9 Arrow - Louis Pilloni Pro Model Longboard or the Sector 9 Hijack Jackson Shapiera Pro Model Longboard.

Most commonly known for their cruiser boards, Sector 9 boards are great for the every day, mess around board you've been hoping for. Jamming down to the store? To class? or just around town with your friends? Sector 9 cruiser boards have got you covered. Mellow concave boards to add comfort to any ride and big sturdy trucks and wheels for a smooth long lasting ride. Surfboard reminiscent, some Sector 9 longboards are shaped like surfboards. They have designs with swells on them or with world famous surf spots. They call these the Pin tail boards, they are very long, stable longboard surfboard shapes.

Sector 9 longboards also have an array of drop through mounted cruiser boards. The drop through mount sits you lower to the ground adding stability and making it easier to balance on and push. A great deal of these boards are part of the sidewinder series. Sidewinder Trucks are double axle trucks that are extremely maneuverable. These trucks make it easy to turn on the drop through boards while maintaining the same stability. 

For the more aggressive riders out there Sector 9 has a whole line up of downhill boards. These Sector 9 longboard completes are known as the downhill division, which feature an aggressive concave to keep your feet stuck to the board at high speeds. The concave also helps with control. These boards are extremely stable to handle high speeds. Some of the boards, like the Arrow, are optimized for freeride, downhill sliding. These boards have additional pockets to lock your feet in for maximum control while sliding. 

Sector 9 boards really have it all. They have board options for all different styles of riding. Whatever your fancy, make sure you grab a board that fits your riding style and your personal style. With such a large selection of boards you are sure to find a great one to slap on your feet and have some fun. Sector 9 is the company that mass produces fun.

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