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Coming at you straight from the Empire State is one New York based company, Bustin Longboards. Bustin longboards are one of the industry leaders in new deck shapes and designs. They have been at the forefront of push culture since the beginning. Push culture is the lifestyle that encourages skateboarding as an eco friendly commuting vehicle. It promotes having a good time and simply riding a board, any board no matter the shape size, color, or features it may or may not have. Push culture is all inclusive and Bustin Longboards have fit very nicely with this asthetic. Bust makes boards of all shapes and sizes for multiple different riding purposes. With such great boards like the Long Distance Pusher the Bustin Maestro Longboard. A long distance pushing or pumping board is one that was designed for the hard core push culture fanatic. This board is made to ride cross country. 26+ miles a day. Along with LDP boards they have downhill bombers like the Bustin Sportster Longboard. This is a drop through, micro drop deck with maximum stability and control. Great for bombing hills, but short and comfortable enough to cruise around town. Finally, one of their more popular boards, the park shredder the Bustin Yoface Longboard. This is a double kick skateboard shapped longboard that allows you to skate everything. Jam from the skate park to the hills and back with ease. Really a push culture staple board. Bustin Longboards make boards that will handle any terrain or style of riding you fancy. Grab your New York City shred stick today and hit the streets with your new Bustin Longboard.

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