California Bonzing Longboard Decks

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Bonzing Skateboards. A San Francisco grown company that has been pushing the industry and surfing the wave of fantastic designed, rider approved boards.Bonzing by definition is Skateboarding down large hills with style and grace. This is full on rider owned and opperated company. Created by skaters for skaters and it's all about creativity, expression, and style. CBC is most known for their California Bonzing Company OSO Longboard. A drop through board with lots of concave and a symmetrical shape. The drop through mounting sits you lower to the ground for added stability, while the concave gives you more stability and more control. This board was designed as a downhill freeride board. Made to go fast and bust large slides. Both the deck and the artwork were designed by riders on the team. Unlike most longboard companies Bonzing has all of its longboards & skateboards shaped and their graphics designed and created by their team riders. California Bonzing Longboards is headed by Austin Graziano and holds itself to a standard to only use the highest quality materials to produce their high quality products. Get a little taste of NorCal and let your feet experience the sweet sweet San Francisco sensation that is California Bonzing Company.

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