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DB Longboards, made by skaters for skaters. These guys hail straight from the pacific northwest, Washington State. Their boards are designed to traverse the steepest, gnarliest roads around. With their staple aggressive concave you will experience maximum control of your longboard. Db is known primarily for downhill and freeride (sliding) boards. One of their most popular boards is the Lunch Tray. A symmetrical flush mount freeride board with lots of rocker and lots of concave. This board is extremely versatile as far as the hills it can maneuver. It is also easily controllable at any speed. The deck itself is symmetrical meaning it has no designated front or back. That makes it nice and easy to ride switch right after hitting a 180 slide. It also allows for more versatility and a larger array of tricks. The deck has a large amount of rocker concave, meaning it curves down towards the ground from tip to tail. Rocker adds stability to your ride and increases control at high speeds or while sliding. The rocker however changes the angle of the trucks, creating a less stable ride. To prevent this issue the Lunch Tray and other boards use flush mounting. Flush mounting is when the deck has been shaved down where the trucks would go creating a level surface as to not affect the angle of the trucks while maintaining all the benefits of the rocker concave. DB has always been on the forefront of longboard design. Another on of their boards, the Robot, has asymmetrical concave. This is a relatively new concept for longboards and only few of them have this feature. It gives the rider additional pockets specific for goofy or regular riders creating even more stability and control than ever before. A great downhill board. One of DB's newest boards is the Keystone. The Keystone has uruthane bumpers on the tip and tail to protect the board from curbs or other obstacles that might get in the way. This deck also has a micro drop for freeride and a kick tail for cruising and freestyle tricks. The micro drop acts a lot like the rocker concave, but it happens after the trucks so there is no need for flush mounting and it creates additional pockets to lock your feet in for more controlled slides at higher speeds. DB longboards are all about control, stability, downhill, and freeride.

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