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Earthwing Longboards started out in New York in 1998. They were birthed out of the idea to turn old snowboards into skateboards. The original shapes were extremely snappy and responsive, especially for cruising and carving. From this Earthwing was born as they flourished into a large scale company that produces high quality, responsive decks for all styles of riding. Earthwing's main focus resides around push culture. Getting everyone out on a board and having a great time skating. Earthwing makes exceptional cruising and carving boards. Decks like the Super Glider and Mini Glider give you the most agile and responsive ride you could ask for. The decks have just enough flex to provide comfort to the ride and ease of turning, but not too much that it effects the structural integrity of the boards. Of course Earthwing appeals to all riders so they have boards for every style of riding. They like to integrate carbon fiber into their boards for a lighter more responsive feel. Their downhill boards like the Supermodel or the Belly Carver are extremely stable and controllable. The Belly Carver more for freeride. Its lighter construction makes it easy to slide while the Supermodels beefy, sturdy construction makes it ideal for high speed downhill longboarding. The slightly more stable ride of the Supermodel is ideal for the high speed rider looking to push his or her boundaries. Earthwing has always pushed conventional longboard designs to make them bigger, badder, and more awesome. These guys have been around for a while and they are not planning on leaving any time soon

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