Freebord Longboard Decks

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Freebord Longboard Decks. Freebord's are designed to be snowboard simulating boards. They are made to recreate the feeling of snowboarding on the asphalt. The decks are added to trucks with 3 wheels each for a total of 6 wheels. The center wheel is a caster wheel that spins 360 degrees allowing you to rotate and maneuver just like a snowboard on powder. The outer wheels act like the edges of the board allowing you to rock from edge to edge. With this system it's easy to break and control the speed of the board. Freebords use bindings on top to lock your feet in just like a snowboard. The bindings give you more control over your ride and allow you to do jumps with ease. The bindings area also open on one side so if you need to get off the board for any reason you can simply jump off, or if you bail the board won't stay stuck to your feet. Freebords are the closest feeling to snowboarding you can get on dry land. They will improve your technique and keep you fresh all year long.

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