Prism Longboard Decks

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Prism Longboard Decks are high quality shaped and designed downhill boards. These boards are entirely rider designed and approved. Designed by some of the fastest guys on longboards. Prism decks are designed for speed and stability. With such big names as James Kelly and Liam Morgan helping shape and design these boards, they are sure to be top notch. The Prism Origin is a great top mount, symmetrical downhill board. Extremely versatile. The Origin is built sturdy to handle top speeds, but its small stature and short wheelbase make it easy to kick out sideways for controlled slides at any speed. The Prism Theory is another great top mount board. Directional with two wheelbase options and wheel flares for added pockets and increased wheel clearance. A great board for top speeds. The wheel flares help to create board control and make it easier to slide. Finally the Prism Insight. This board can do anything. It has mellow W-Concave to hug your feet. The W gives you more comfort and more control of your board. A small kick tail allows you to pop off of curbs or bust ollies in the middle of a downhill run. Top mounted and directional. Just the way we like it up here in Nor Cal. Prism is forged out in Santa Cruz, California by the same dudes that run Caliber Trucks and Blood Orange. A great choice for any downhill longboarder or avid freerider. 

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