Longboard GripTape

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Grip Tape is vital to all boards. There are different course levels of grip tape for longboards and skateboards. The more course grip like the Vicious Grip Tape is good for downhill skaters that need to keep their feet stuck to the board at high speeds. Some medium course types like the Blood Orange Grip is good for freeriding or simply to add color to the board. And finally, the regular Black Magic Grip Tape is good for the every day cruiser or carver.

All boards need grip tape. Some decks come pre-gripped and others do not. If your deck does not come pre-gripped then it is a good idea to get a sheet of grip tape. Our grip tape for sale comes in multiple course levels and colors for your riding preference. Browse our skateboard and longboard grip tape for sale and choose the one that best suits your style of riding. If you order from blackdiamondsports.com then we are sure to grip the board for you, but in the event that you need to grip the board yourself you should know how to do it. It's pretty easy. Essentially, skateboard grip tape is just a huge sticker. You peel the backing off and stick it to the board. Use the backing to help you push out any air bubbles that formed while applying the longboard grip tape. Then use a file, screw driver, shank, or anything of the like to score the edges. File all the way around the board so that you can see the outline on your grip tape. Take a razor blade, exacto knife, or anything of the like and cut out the board. It is easiest to cut from the sticky side of the grip and pull the blade towards you. Finally take the excess longboard grip tape and sand the edges of the board. This cleans up any mess ups you might have had while cutting and melts the longboard grip tape to the side of the board effectively making it stick stronger and last longer.

Skate and longboard grip tape does eventually wear out. When this happens you want to replace it with new grip. Remove the old grip before replacing it. Grip can be removed by first heating it with a blow dryer or heat gun. Then peel and pull the skateboard grip tape up before it comes all the way off of the board. For the most optimal ride it is best to maintain and replace your black grip tape on a regular basis.

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