Caliber Longboard Trucks

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Downhill freeride trucks like the Caliber Longboard Trucks come in two variations to get you dialed into the exact ride that you need. Longboarding trucks like the Caliber Longboard Truck - 10in / 44 degree are ideal for fast downhill bombing, but a truck like the Caliber Longboard Truck - 10in / 50 degree is more ideal for freeriding because it will give you more leverage to kick your board out sideways. With a plethora of color choices and even a Caliber Precision Longboard Trucks option. The Caliber Trucks have a deep bushing seat to provide for more stability at high speeds. These trucks are a downhill freeriders dream. Anything you could want to optimize your ride in one convenient, do it all trucks. Make sure you get the best truck for your style of riding, whether it's 44 degree for aggressive downhill or the 50 degree for the avid freerider. Get going fast and grab a set of Caliber Longboard Trucks today.