Freebord G3-R Longboard Trucks - Single truck

Freebord G3-R Longboard Trucks (Single truck)

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Additional Info


Reach the next level when you grab a Freebord G3-R Longboard Trucks - Single truck. This Longboard truck can give you the durability and strength you need to test your limits and defy expectations. Could you use better moves and increased stopping power? You're in for a treat if you've been disappointed by longboard trucks that simply don't deliver the control you need to get the job done. This truck delivers unmatched maneuverability and responsiveness when it counts the most. Of course, you should expect nothing less from a Freeboard longboard truck. Freeboard longboard trucks are known around the world for impeccable craftsmanship and solid engineering. It took three years of research and design to create this particular model. This truck will not disappoint you when it comes to solid performance and refined quality. What's more, this truck will look sleek and amazing on your board. It's time to embrace a design that offers everything you need.

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Tech Specs
  • 4º angled hangers 
  • Wider contact patch for edge wheels
  • New reinforced bracket design
  • Tapered hangers
  • Hanger surface beveled
  • T6 cast aluminum base plates and hangars
  • Flat hangar design
  • Base wheel bracket with no-slip adjustment notches
  • Hangar width: 13.55 inches
  • Base plate length: 7.10 inches
  • Base plate width: 2.8 inches
Brand Freebord