Gullwing Longboard Trucks

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Gullwing Longboard Trucks are designed and engineered by Sector 9 Longboards. Gullwing makes trucks for every style of riding. Trucks like the Gullwing Sidewinder Silver Skateboard Trucks are ideal cruising carving trucks. They have a double kingpin system which makes it a whole lot easier to turn. The Gullwing Sidewinders are the most maneuverable truck available. They can make your longboard feel more like a surfboard. If downhill bombing or sliding is more your style Gullwing Trucks also makes the Gullwing Charger II 10" Longboard Truck. But if you just want simple cruising trucks then the Gullwing Charger 10" Longboard Trucks are ideal. The Charger Trucks are the classic longboard truck. Anything and Everything you could need has been worked into this truck design. They have stability to hit mellow hills and enough maneuverability to cruise around town. Grab a truck to fit your style of riding and get rolling right away.

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