Gunmetal Longboard Trucks

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Black Diamond Sports is your one-stop shop for longboard trucks and wheels! Gunmetal Longboard Trucks are forged by the longboard brand Lader Longboards. Gunmetal Longboard Trucks are very stable and sturdy, they are designed for downhill bombing and sliding. The 10” longboard trucks come in 3 different degrees to fit your style and board clearance. 50 degree for cruising and optimal maneuverability. The 50 degree truck can also be good for freeriding. A 42 degree truck for maximum stability when skating downhill. And finally a 46 degree truck for the best of both worlds in one. The 46 degree truck is the perfect all around truck. For a truck that's more verse in freeriding you would want to go with a Gunmetal Magnum 2.0 10" 50 Degree Longboard Truck. And for a truck that gives you the best of both worlds go with a Gunmetal Mack 10" Double Barrel 2.0 46 degree Longboard Truck.

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