Independent Longboard Trucks

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The leader in standard kingpin truck construction and deign, Independent TrucksIndependent Truck Company was established in the late 70’s. It came out strong as one of the best truck companies on the market and still holds that title. Independent Longboard Trucks make multiple sizes of standard kingpin trucks for your double kick street deck or for those people that prefer the standard kingpin over the reverse kingpin longboard truck. The SKP standard king pin trucks offer more durability than the RKP longboard trucks. With a large amount of width options, our selection of skateboard trucks for sale makes it easy to get the truck that best fits your board. For skateboarding Independent Trucks are the best. For longboarding, the Independent Trucks are not the best option, but it is still very possible to get a similar ride for your longboard. If you have a double kick (skateboard Shaped) longboard, Independent longboard trucks would be a great option. Browse our skateboard trucks for sale today, grab your set of Independent 129 Truck - All Silver, and shred away.

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