Paris Longboard Trucks

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The leader in cruising/carving trucks. Paris Longboard Trucks will have the most lean or the most turn ability out of any truck. These are ideal for the campus cruise, the flat land commuter, or the sidewalk surfer. The standard size is the Paris V2 180mm 50 Degree Longboard Truck. They also make standard kingpin trucks like the Paris Street Trucks 129mm Raw/Raw Longboard Trucks. Along with those they also have downhill trucks like the Paris V2 180mm 43 Degree Longboard Truck. Paris trucks have very shallow bushing seats. This allows the bushing more room to flex and move effectively giving you more maneuverability. If cruising or flat land carving is your aim then the Paris Trucks are the perfect option for you. Shop our trucks for longboards today and grab the perfect trucks for any of your needs.

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