ABEC 11 Longboard Wheels

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Abec 11 Wheels are the longboard wheels that bring you all the best thane lines. These wheels are the most slidy, buttery, chalky, thane dumpy wheels on the market. Wheels like the Abec 11 Classic Freerides 72mm Longboard Wheels and the Abec 11 Flashbacks 70mm Longboard Wheels are ideal for the downhill slider looking to leave his mark on his local hill. But no need to fear Abec 11 Wheels makes wheels for all types of skating and terrain. Wheels for downhill bombing like the Abec 11 ZigZags 70mm Longboard Wheels. Sometimes wheel companies shoot for the moon, well Abec 11 Wheels shot for the stars and made a monster wheel, the Abec 11 Electric Flywheels 107mm Longboard Wheels. So grab the perfect set of Abec 11 longboard wheels for your style of riding and get shredding. 

With two main styles of wheels you are sure to find everything you would need. There are wheels with large, defined lips on the side. We call those square lipped wheels. They are made for cruising or for downhill as the have a larger surface area providing more grip, control, and comfort. A great example of these wheels would be the Abec 11 Classic ZigZags. 

The other wheels type are the wheels that do not have a defined lip and are rather round on the edges. We call these round lipped wheels. They are used for sliding or for tricks as they have less surface area and less grip than the square lipped wheels. This makes the wheels easier to slide out. With the appropriate wheel you can have a long, smooth controled slide. A great example of the wheels would be the Abec 11 Freeride wheels.

Wheels have 3 different hub placements. The hub is the housing for the bearing. Most wheels have an off center hub. We call those offset wheels. Those provide for lots of grip and comfort while still maintaining a strong life of the wheel. Some wheels have a perfectly center set hub. These centerset wheels have the longest life. They have a strong core that provides for a more even wear all the way down. Finally the most rare hub placement is flushed to one side of the wheel. Side set wheels have the most grip and comfort. If a wheel is worn down all the way until the core shows we call the wheel "cored". For downhill longboarders cored wheels are a status symbol.

When is it time to get new wheels? If your wheels have sufficient wear it might be time to get new wheels. The most common sign of a degrading wheel is known as chunking. Chunking is when large pieces of wheels fall off. 

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