Blood Orange Longboard Wheels

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Blood Orange Wheels are a Longboard Wheel Company out of Santa Cruz, California. They have teamed up with some of the worlds best riders and designed longboard wheels to fit your needs. A skater designed and operated company. These guys stand behind their stuff 100%. They boast an array of sizes and durometers. Some of the more common ones are the Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Model Longboard Wheels - 70mm 82a. These Blood Orange Wheels are ideal for sliding on just about any style of pavement. Designed to grip when you need it but slip when you want it. The Blood Orange Liam Morgan wheels have a very consistent wear pattern and a smooth controlable slide. 

Liam Morgan is a professional longboarder that boasts some of the longest slides in the game. His deal is that he goes as fast as possible and tries to hold out the longest stand up slide. His Blood Orange Wheels are designed to fit his style of riding. They will be fairly grippy so that you can get up to top speed, but kick out very easily once you get there. Their grip gives them a more controlled, more constant slide. Of course, not everybody rides the same way Liam does so there are multiple size and durometer options for Liam Morgan wheels to get you going on your style of riding. Blood Orange as a company produces not only top notch wheels, but also bushings, and slide gloves.

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