Cadillac Longboard Wheels

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If I could describe the slide of these wheels in one word it would be sugary. The Cadillac Swingers Blue Longboard Wheels are some of the best downhill sliding wheels on the market. With a centerset core and graphics on both sides of the wheel they are perfectly symmetrical and flippable. This allows the Cadillac Wheels to have a more even wear pattern and a longer life. The Cadillac Swingers also tend to leave huge thane lines in their wake. If the Swinger is too big for our board or for your taste then the Cadillac Sugar Mama is your best bet. All of the same feel, ride, slide, and more in a smaller, more compact size that fits on more boards and is slightly easier to break free into a slide. Not sure which size to chose? Refer to the link below.

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