Orangatang Longboard Wheels

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Buy longboard wheels online today! The leader in longboard wheel production, Orangatang Longboard Wheels make wheels for every type of longboarding. Buy longboard wheels like the Orangatang In Heat for downhill bombing or cruising/commuting. The ripples on the inside of the wheel provide for a stronger core which means a faster roll speed and a longer life. Orangatang Longboard Weels like the Orangatang Kilmer are ideal for downhill sliding. They are stone ground so you can slide them right out of the box and they are center set which allows for a longer life. The brand even makes Orangatang Longboard Wheels small enough to fit your street skate deck. Wheels like the Orangatang Fat Free 65mm Longboard Wheels are great for any board with little clearance or if you are looking for a wheel that slides very easily. So quit monkeying around and grab a set of Orangatang Wheels today.

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