Orangatang Keanu Yellow Longboard Wheels - 66mm 86a

Orangatang Keanu Yellow Longboard Wheels - 66mm 86a
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Additional Info


The Keanu is the smallest of Orangatang's new center set freeride wheel. Being a 66mm wheel, this is perfect to setup on your top-mount boards as well as those boards that are prone to wheel bite. The supportive core in this wheel not only supports the urethane giving you smoother slides, but also gives it an awesome roll speed. Teaming up with its 66mm size makes this wheel perfect for throwing on your little cruiser setup. There’s no way you could go wrong with the Keanu. The smaller size makes 360 stand-up slides and quick slides easier than ever.

SKU Otang-Keanu-86a
Brand Orangatang
Wheel Diameter 66mm
Wheel Durometer 86a
Contact Patch 38mm
Wheel Hub Center Set
Edge Round LIp
Wheel Color Yellow
Ride Freeride